We've taken SonoPak into a number of places,
and no one's ever suggested that they noticed it.
But people are VERY impressed with the sound!
— Mike K., Wash. D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I operate SonoPak?
A. To use the SonoPak, simply plug the microphone into your digital recorder. After starting the recording and adjusting the record level, zip the recorder into the SonoPak.

Q. Where should I put my SonoPak while recording?
A. SonoPak can be placed any number of ways; simply hung over the back of a chair, placed on a table or the floor, etc. Placing SonoPak in front of a sound board for live recording is particularly good. The microphones built into the SonoPak have a wide-field omni directional pickup pattern. They produce outstandingly clear and life-like recordings in a variety of situations. You should experiment with placement of the SonoPak to achieve the optimal balance of program material, ambience and room reverberation.

Q. Can I wear my SonoPak while recording?
A. The soft leather of the SonoPak helps to reduce noise created by movement. However, like any microphone, you do not want to disturb SonoPak while it's working. For best results we recommend that you find a strategic location for your recording and then leave SonoPak to do the rest. Many of the recordings we demo were made with SonoPak on a floor, on top of a cabinet, or just sitting on a kitchen table.

Q. Can I carry everything in the pack?
A. Yes. There is room in the main compartment of the SonoPak for one MiniDisc recorder, a set of folding headphones and a microphone power supply if desired. Other compartments provide storage for batteries and additional disks.

Q. I need to record a demo. Is my SonoPak going to do the job?
A. Absolutely. SonoPak is perfect for recording demos of any genre; from rock to classical, jazz to blues, the SonoPak will capture the warmth and feel you want from your demo.

Q. Where can I buy a digital recorder and what would you recommend?
A. We buy all of our portable digital recorders from minidisco.com. If you interested in a minidisc, you should checkout the HI-MD technology from Sony, currently for less than $200. There is also a new product by M-Audio that uses a flashcard instead of disc as the recording media; very cool and also available at minidisc.com. Make sure what ever you get has manual recording level control. Without that, you will not be a happy camper.

Q. How do I care for my SonoPak?
A. The SonoPak is built from quality parts and is designed to take hard usage in stride. However, the microphones are not waterproof and should be protected from direct exposure to rain and splash. In a rainy situation, holding the pack by its strap will keep the microphones face down and provide some protection from water intrusion. Avoid pulling strongly on the cords where they enter the microphone areas.
If the case becomes scuffed or worn, black shoe polish may be used to restore its appearance.

Q. What happens if there's a problem with my SonoPak?
A. We have an excellent repair shop, and can usually fix any problem. Simply send your SonoPak to:

Brewer Instruments
65 Gray Cliff Road
Newton Center MA, 02459