We've taken SonoPak into a number of places,
and no one's ever suggested that they noticed it.
But people are VERY impressed with the sound!
— Mike K., Wash. D.C.

How Can You Use SonoPak?

People have taken their SonoPak all over the world, and used it in some mighty cool ways. Here are some of the things it works for. Got an idea for a ditigal recording with the SonoPak Stereo Microphone kit? Tell us!

Theater Halls

Catch a magnificent show wihout spoiling the mood. Just hang SonoPak over the arm of a chair and you're ready to go!

Music Lessons

Recording a lesson helps you get the most out of the experience. Place SonoPak on a table — or even a piano — and pick it up at the end.

Live Performances

Like the Mariachi band at the restaurant? No problem! Put SonoPak on the table and enjoy the evening.

Field Recording

SonoPak is well suited for capturing ambient sounds. Natural settings, traffic noise, crowd murmur... It goes where you go!


Perfect for business, seminars, conferences, and other important events that you want to experience, but also have for review later.


Set SonoPak up at the beginning, then give your full attention to the process at hand.


Want to record your child's performance without missing it yourself? Just set SonoPak in a discreet location and enjoy every minute — now and later.

Smaller Settings

With SonoPak, you'll get every sound, no matter how soft. Capture those special moments.

Rock 'n Roll!

Take SonoPak with you to get the latest sounds, out at the club or in the rehearsal studio...

On the Go!

One adventure seeker recorded himself rapelling down a 200 foot tree! SonoPak goes with you.

Stadium Events

You can be almost any place, and SonoPak will get a great recording...


What a perfect complement to your photos – a recording of the birds calling.