Hear SonoPak in Action!

The ways to use SonoPak are limitless! But here a just a few examples recordings people have made with this amazing product and their digital recorder. Got a sample for us? We want to hear it!
String Quartet (Ravel Quartet in F Major)
For this amazing performance in a church sanctuary, use of traditional recording equipment would have been objectionable. SonoPak to the rescue! It was placed on the floor in front of the first pew, where it wouldn't distract from the concert.
Acadian Band
SonoPak is so easy to carry, it was on hand to capture Barachois: a lively Acadian band from Prince Edward Island. The unit was simply set on a high shelf about halfway down the room on one side.
Children's Show
Young people of all ages were captivated by this performance, featuring music adapted from Rossini and Offenbach. SonoPak — lying on the floor under a chair in the first row — allowed them to enjoy it again and again.
Choral Group (Mozart Mass in C Minor)
This choir regularly records their performances using a multi-mic setup with lots of wires and stands, yet they were delighted at the richness and presence of the SonoPak recording. And amazed at the quick setup: SonoPak was simply laid on the choir loft railing.
Choral Group (Mozart Mass in C Minor)
Another section of this incredible performance!
Birdcalls (Loons on Kezar Lake)
The sound of these unique birds was so haunting that it was lucky SonoPak was handy. Although the Loons were about 300 feet away, it seems as if they are close enough to touch.
Irish Players (The Burren in Somerville, MA)
What a wonderful way to record a night of Irish music at the Burren. SonoPak was on a bar table, 20 feet from the musicians.
Sheep in a Field (Wales, UK)
While driving along a country road in Wales, you may encounter the most bizarre symphony you have ever heard. Are they sheep, or people pretending to be sheep? Without SonoPak, no one may have every believed it. Lucky thing it was in the car!

What would YOU record?
Have you used your SonoPak in an unusual way, or to record something unique? We want to hear about it! Let us know. Have you already recorded something you'd like us to hear? Upload It!